Wet season

Things to do when the RAIN sets in….


image © exclusivelybali.net

The wet season in Bali starts in December and goes through till late February.

Bali can be wonderfully sunny most of the dry season. However, occasional downpours are common and the heavy rainfall in the wet season can still offer numerous activity options.

Here are some rainy day suggestions:

* Indulge in some pampering at a Spa Salon – massage, body scrub, reflexology, hair mask …

* People watch from a cozy café – use the free wifi, talk to expats and travelers alike

* Head to Ubud, the “culture capital” and soak up the culture whilst perusing museums a plenty.  (My fave is Neka Art Museum).

* Book a Cooking Class, Craft Workshop or Jewellery Course

* Catch a cab to Discovery Mall – or my fave, the Bali Mall Galleria, and shop til you drop

*Go to Waterbomb Park

* Swim in the hotel pool

* Stay in your hotel, lie on the bed with your partner and just listen to the rain.

* Play cards, read or just sleep

Enjoy and really be on   ~ H O L I D A Y  ~

Buddha in the rain - , Bali

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