How secure is your luggage?

How many of us check our locked luggage through without a second thought?


I have always thought the wrapping of luggage in plastic at the airport was a little excessive, not to mention an assault on the environment.

Image result for plastic wrapped luggageimage sourced

I also believed that locking your suitcase would prevent it from being opened.  I was wrong!


This video is quite shocking and shows how easily baggage handlers for example, could open a locked suitcase – and yet the luggage owner would be unaware.

An option may be to use the hard-shell luggage which offers solid and secure locks – with no zips!

Another option may be to use a luggage strap for extra security – which also has the added benefit of easier identification for your individual piece of luggage.

Travel bag belt luggage strap password lock box belt(China (Mainland))   Travel bag luggage strap cross luggage belt(China (Mainland))

It’s certainly been an eye-opener for me!

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