How secure is your luggage?

How many of us check our locked luggage through without a second thought?


I have always thought the wrapping of luggage in plastic at the airport was a little excessive, not to mention an assault on the environment.

Image result for plastic wrapped luggageimage sourced

I also believed that locking your suitcase would prevent it from being opened.  I was wrong!


This video is quite shocking and shows how easily baggage handlers for example, could open a locked suitcase – and yet the luggage owner would be unaware.

An option may be to use the hard-shell luggage which offers solid and secure locks – with no zips!

Another option may be to use a luggage strap for extra security – which also has the added benefit of easier identification for your individual piece of luggage.

Travel bag belt luggage strap password lock box belt(China (Mainland))   Travel bag luggage strap cross luggage belt(China (Mainland))

It’s certainly been an eye-opener for me!

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How to pay for your actual LUGGAGE weight….

After numerous trips, I have learnt to pack light.  Unfortunately, this hasn’t t helped me reduce my Bali shopping whilst on the Island!


Apart from filling your own 40 foot container to get your goods home (I’ve done this!) or paying for someone else for space in their container (I’ve done this too!), it is often useful to use a packing trick.

One handy tip I continually fall back on is to take with you at least 2 large, striped/checked shopping bags that you can purchase at “discount/bargain” shops in Australia for approximately $2.00.   I place soft goods that are unbreakable, like clothing or manchester inside these.

PHONE PICS 24-11-13 (768)

I then place wide, strong tape around the stripey bag, both horizontally and vertically.  Also, tape the handles together to become one handle, for strength!  Make sure you label the exterior.

PHONE PICS 24-11-13 (765)

These stripey $2 bags weigh nothing.  You’re therefore only paying for the weight of your goods, not the piece of luggage.  The bags are also strong – as evidenced recently when one of mine went missing on a flight from Bali to Australia.  Amazingly, it took 32 days before the stripey bag was delivered to my door.  The bag was all intact and had apparently traveled via Jakarta and Singapore!

It’s certainly not the most stylish piece of luggage, but I swear by them!

# Be aware that some airlines now only allow one bag to be checked in regardless of combined weight of bags.  Do check this before introducing a 2nd bag!

Happy Shopping!

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