Ketut Fixed Price Shop




The ever popular Ketut’s Fixed Price shop in Legian is often crowded these days and you have to stand in line to be served.

You can easily bypass this however by shopping at Ketut’s Family Shop, run by her baby brother, Wayan!


Ketut’s Family Shop is literally a short walk away and it amazes me that not many people know of it.


Shopping here is a breeze!  There are no crowds and stock is plentiful.  Clothing, sunglasses, bags, belts, perfumes and even small toys are sold here by the helpful and always friendly, Wayan.  He will offer you bottled water, just as Ketut does (and has even been known to offer a Bintang!!)


By shopping at Ketut’s Family Shop, you are continuing to support her family and benefiting from a trustworthy fixed price source.

  • Did you know that Ketut is one of 9 children?  (8 girls and 1 boy, Wayan).


*Please let Wayan know that Exclusively Bali referred you ~

~ H A P P Y ~  S H O P P I N G ~


Ketut’s Family Clothing Shop

Shop Address:

Jalan Melasti/Lebak Bene

Phone: (0361) 763 821

Legian Kuta – Bali – Indonesia


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