Balinese offerings

Balinese Offerings to the Gods…


Daily offerings to God, also known as canang sari or blessings, are a fundamental part of every day life for the Balinese.  Canang Sari are usually made every morning.

Sukawati markets

The Hindu Balinese believe offerings appease the spirits and brings prosperity and good health to the family. It is a duty and an honour at the same time.

offerings - exclusively bali

The placing of offerings can be seen daily on beaches, footpaths, at temple steps and shrines.  It is a daily ritual of giving back what has been given to you by the Gods. It is believed to be a sharing based on gratitude for the privilege of existence.

offerings 2 - exclusively bali

When Hindus devote their offerings and prayers, it is believed God’s universe is recharged and continues its existence unaffected. To not observe this responsibility is to bring disturbance upon the Balinese and their world.

Offerings are made on a daily basis crafted from the natural kaleidoscope of beauty found in Bali’s forests, farms and general vegetation.


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