Bali Hints and Tips

A tip on Bali Belly PREVENTION….

Many of us have succumbed to the dreaded Bali Belly at some stage.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it’s existence.

We have all followed the rules:

  • Do not drink tap water
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Use antiseptic hand wipes
  • Eat from reputable restaurants only
  • Avoid food and beverages from street vendors
  • Do not use ice made from tap water
  • Consume fully cooked food that is still hot, or fruit/vegetables you have peeled yourself

Regardless of these precautions, on occasion, I have still succumbed.

In recent years however, and following Bali Belly after dining at two well attended and highly regarded restaurants on Bali, I regularly take “Travelan” and have become a firm convert.

bali travelan

(I have no connection to this product, by the way, and my post is NOT sponsored).

I take just one tablet prior to each meal and have never suffered with any tummy upset since.  Of course this could just be coincidence, but I’m not stopping now…

Further advice here:

Do you have a “tried and true” method of warding off the dreaded Bali belly?

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Note:  If you need medical assistance, BIMC can be contacted on their 24 Hours Emergency Line

Kuta  (+62 361) 761 263

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