Bali fixed price shopping

FIXED PRICE market stalls in LEGIAN

If you are looking for no hassle FIXED PRICE market stall type gear in Legian head to either:

1.  Ketuts at Jl. Saha Dewa Gg. Sorga No 2 (Garlic Lane)  – this market stall is popular and gets VERY busy.  It is recommended you get there around 9am, when it opens.  The main items sold here are clothing & bags with a good selection of the typical in demand market gear. Numerous items are available for selection, with assistance from either Ketut or her family members who work there.  It does get hot in her stalls but a welcome free bottle of water is given when you arrive. Ketut also stocks 5 & 6 XL so it is popular among big western people.   There is also a fixed price store adjacent to Ketuts which sells a few homeware products eg. cushion covers and table runners, small stone plaques, aluminium silver goods.


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2.  Miss Debbies on Sahaweda Street (Garlic Lane), Legian (opposite Ketut’s laneway) – There is a very good variety of goods here, including a fair selection of home-wares .  Go to the shopfront and they will take you down a nearby lane to her compound where she has goods well displayed in an open area on tables and in rooms.  Surprisingly, I have never seen Miss Debbies really busy so it’s a good location to browse at your leisure with often a cool breeze blowing through the compound to make for more comfortable shopping.  A welcome bottle of free water is also given here. (This is my FAVE fixed price shop!!)

3.  Turikas shop, Art Market Melasti St 45B Legian (corner of Melasti St and Garlic Lane).  A very obliging lady who is arguably not as well-known as Miss Debbies and Ketuts (above).  You can put in an order and pick it up in a day or two.  She will go out of her way to accommodate your needs and there is usually a good selection of clothes in her shop.

4.  Sita fashion, 373 Jalan Legian ( on the left between Melasti st and Padma st).  This shop sells a variety of items and again just saves you the hassle of having to negotiate at the typical market stalls,  Sold here are metal wall art eg. fish/geckos/birds etc to go on your wall, stone carvings, some jewellery, pottery vases, artwork as well as handbags.

5. Santa’s Shop,  A good selection of clothes here catering to most sizes. The shop is at the north end of Garlic Lane, beach side of the street, about 5 shops before the end.  Look out for the colourful, girl’s fairy dresses hanging out the front.  Address is : 23 Sahaweda St (Garlic Lane), Legian  (Closest to Padma Street end).  Phone is 081 7473 3463.

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It has been said that comparisons have been made between market stall shopping, via negotiation and market shopping, via fixed price shops with the fixed price shops winning hands down in the time stakes.  It is a wonderful option (and often a relief!……lol)  to have these fixed price stores to attend for hassle-free shopping.

Happy shopping!

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