2019 TOURS (May & July SOLD OUT!) October 2019 – AVAILABLE!!

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Following our VERY successful SOLD OUT 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 tours, Exclusively Bali is excited to announce our 2019 Exclusively Bali Tour, incorporating homeware shopping and interior design.

Whether you’re sourcing stylish wares, seeking interior inspiration, or you’re simply a design and homewares tragic seeking some tropical island time, join us in this fully hosted luxury ladies tour.  

Indulge yourself in a sensory overload of chic design and décor inspiration – with plenty of “me time” for indulgent spoiling and dining.


Immerse yourself in true Exclusively Bali-style hospitality in luxury boutique accommodation in Sanur – the birthplace of Bali Style!


Indulge in the ultimate sumptuous tour experience!



    • Return Airport transfers
    • 6 nights 4 star Luxury accommodation
    • Deluxe Suite room – King Bed suite OR,  2 King Bed bedroom/2 bathroom  suite
    • Daily Breakfast
    • Welcome Dining Experience
    • Luxury Gift Pack on arrival
    • 1 x Delicious High Tea including Champagne
    • Fully escorted Designer shopping to hand-picked retail & wholesale outlets
    • Fully escorted wholesale and market shopping
    • VIP spoils & discounts
    • Indulgent Spa Treatment
    • Complimentary resort wifi
    • Complimentary use of resort gym facilities
    • 24hr room service
    • Bottled water daily
    • Discount spa treatments
    • Daily private air-conditioned tour transport
    • Recommended freight service (own expense)
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And still plenty of  opportunity to grab some “me time” to simply relax and refresh.

Come along with your bestie, your mum or your daughter or be very welcomed as a solo guest.

~    To register your interest, be QUICK to email

exclusivelybali@gmail.com    ~ 

Note:  These tours will be kept small and exclusive for other like-minded women.  Numbers are strictly limited!


2015, 2016, 2016, 2017, 2018 Tours  

– All concluded and a Great Success!!

What others had to say….


December 2015, from Kim:  “The Exclusively Bali Tour exceeded all my expectations. There wasn’t a day I didn’t love! I met new people, found super buys at shops I never even knew existed, devoured tasty foods and learnt the culture.  It was wonderful and I highly recommend Brenda who leads the tour and is so insightful and organised. Bali is a beautiful country and I feel lucky to have been part of the Exclusively Bali Tour!” 


March 2016, from Teresa:  “I enjoyed everything. It was so much fun and every detail was organised. I’m happily recommending you to all my friends.  I loved the bargain wholesale shops and the designer shops too . You had it down pat and I loved it all.  Thanks for one of the best trips to Bali ever! ” 


March 2016 from Mary:  I just wanted to say a quick but belated thank you to Exclusively Bali for a fantastic Ultimate Homewares Tour last month.

What a wonderful time we all had! Like minded ladies doing what they love best: shopping, relaxing, shopping, eating, shopping, drinking, shopping, indulging … and, of course, shopping.

Our hostess planned and coordinated everything superbly – nothing was left to chance. Welcome packs, a well-balanced itinerary, transport, treats and indulgences, advice, and a range of shops to explore, which would keep even the fussiest shopper satisfied.

It can’t have been easy catering to different tastes and personalities; some of us had been to Bali many times before, some just a few times, and one of us was a Bali virgin!

For someone who has been to Bali so often, I was surprised to visit so many shops I’d never been to before. Furniture, shell, stone artifacts, market stalls, homewares, gifts, interior design – we covered the range. My favourite place was filled with antiques, chandeliers and restyled treasures.

There was plenty of down time to get to know each other, and enjoy all that our resort had to offer. Our resort accommodation included beautiful gardens, two lovely pools and a great beachside location to explore. We’d start each day with an excellent buffet breakfast and as many cappuccinos as we could swallow, and then take it from there.

Our first day was a non-shopping day, starting with a tour of a 5 star, designer hotel and followed by a 5 star brunch. Oh my, talk about a BIG day. Suffice to say: ‘what happens at brunch stays at brunch’. We laughed so much our ribs ached.

Over the next few days, we participated in shopping trips, and indulgences like a massage at an award winning “Worlds Luxury Spa in Bali”  and high tea at an old world famous, Indonesian teahouse – all included as part of our package.

Free time was spent doing our own thing, shopping for clothes, having spa treatments… whatever took our fancy at the time.

We also headed out of town to explore markets and wholesale outlets, stopping for lunch to admire the lush beauty of Ubud. When we left our resort accommodation, we seasoned shoppers stayed focused on  the shopping at hand despite the stunning scenery of central Bali.  We were women on a mission, after all.

So what did I buy during my week on Exclusively Bali’s Ultimate Homewares Tour? I did fall in love with so much, but knew I couldn’t buy it all….  I did buy some wonderful copper bowls, new cushions for my home, perfume that I’d been trying to find for a few years, brass handles for my wardrobes, placemats, carvings, compressed towels and holders (the kind you find in restaurants). It didn’t seem like a lot at the time, but I had to buy another suitcase to get my loot home.

Once again, thank you to Exclusively Bali for an unforgettable tour”.


2017 from Julie:  I did the tour with my girlfriend who was renovating and needing inspiration.  I just needed a break so Bali sounded like a great idea.  I cant believe how much I bought and how I was able to do that and relax as well!  My girlfriend had design inspiration in spades and is now considering bringing back a container of goods. I cant recommend the Exclusively Bali tour enough.  Just do it!


2017 from Suzie:  What a wonderful experience!  Great tour, great ladies, great fun! Brenda was so accommodating and helpful in every way.  I shopped, I made new friends – and I “found myself ” again after years of just being a busy mum.  I truly loved the Exclusively Bali Tour and am recommending it to all my friends and family!”


2017 from Rebecca:  I was hesitant joining as I was travelling alone. I  needn’t have bothered being concerned though as everyone was so welcoming.  We were taken to stores I never even knew existed – and yet I’ve been to Bali multiple times.  I loved that everything was organised down to the last detail.  I have a busy job and found it so wonderful to not have to think for once.  I cant wait to return with my husband and do even more shopping!  (Another persons luggage allowance will make all the difference! lol)  Thank you for a great trip Exclusively Bali!

** For further information, simply register your interest via email to exclusivelybali@gmail.com   

** Be quick to secure your place. Places strictly limited.

Exclusively Bali Tour October 2019

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Useful tips for first time travelers to Bali…

If you’re a first time traveler to Bali, the following tips should be handy for you.  If you’re a frequent traveler to Bali, please add any extra tips that I have not included.  Safe travels!


Ensure passports at least SIX MONTHS VALIDITY from your return date from Bali to your country of origin.
Take a photo of your passport or photocopy it and send it to your email address so you have easy access.



Pack lightly as Bali is hot. Natural, loose fabrics have the benefit of breathability as opposed to synthetics.
Shorts and T-shirts are fine for males and light sundresses, three-quarter trousers or same for females.
If dressing up, a loose shirt and long shorts/loose trousers for men and a long summer dress is mostly suitable for women.
Thongs and sandals are commonplace. Joggers are handy if you are to do a lot of walking.
Make sure you have a hat as Bali is sunny.
Cozzies are a must and a cover-up eg sarong for women is handy.
Leave expensive jewellery at home. Inexpensive dress jewellery is readily available to purchase.
Hairdryers are commonplace in rooms of midrange plus hotels.
Forgot something? Buy it there; shopping is cheap!
Assorted toiletries are inexpensive and readily available in supermarkets. Often your favourite products are cheaper there too!
A pashmina is handy for the flight in case the temp is too cold. Even a sarong packed in your hand luggage can come in handy!


Ensure you have adequate luggage allowance if you intend to shop. Most airline bookings include 20kgs but you will be charged if in excess of this.
Most hotels do have scales you can use to check your luggage weight.



Take your own as it is pricey in Bali.
Remember to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP and wear a hat!


Hotels supply their own bath towels and pool towels. Taking your own towel is not necessary. A sarong is handy for the beach.


220 volt 50hz is supplied in Bali. A 2 pin plug is required. These adaptors can be purchased inexpensively. Alternatively, borrow from your accommodation reception.


Pack your camera, phone, ipad, laptop etc chargers and take a multi-plug POWER BOARD for ease of charging several items at once as they will only need 1 adaptor plug.

Exclusively bali - power board cordial


Apply it regularly as Dengue Fever is prevalent.
Mosquito repellent is readily available in supermarkets eg. Autan, Soffel
Many hotels regularly use a preventative outdoor fogger spray.
Suggest spraying your room regularly also, including below bed and in cupboard, behind curtains.


Take your medication in their original packaging and take the prescription with you in case you need to replace them.
Apotiks are chemists in Bali.
Circle K supermarkets often sell basic medicinal needs.


Be aware that over the counter medications in Bali may appear similar to those you are familiar with, but may in fact significantly differ.
Panadol, for example, comes in various coloured packaging denoting differing ingredients. Ingredients include pseudo-ephedrine for “cold and flu” and caffeine as “Panadol Extra”.



Don’t worry if you haven’t changed money to pay the $35US VOA. This can be paid in Australian dollars (allow approximately $55AUS at current rates) and change will be given in Rupiah. So handy to have a few rupiah to pay your taxi driver!
Or, if you wish to take US dollars, purchase from your Australian Post Office with no commission. It will take 3 days and there is a minimum spend of $200.



Porters will offer to take your bags when arriving at or departing from the airport. They are dressed in uniforms and appear “official”. Politely say NO if you do not want them as they will expect payment for handling of your bags (approx 10,000 IDR per bag).
If you have multiple pieces of luggage (especially departing with lots of shopping), the porters can be a godsend!! They will also take you straight to the correct check-in line, so very convenient for a small payment eg.50,000 IDR as a ‘thank you”.



WARNING: Unscrupulous Money Changers are common: if the rate on a board seems too good to be true, it likely is! Always change money at Authorised, reputable dealers.
An Authorised Money Changer must be formally authorised and identified with distinctive markers. All Authorised Money Changers are obliged to use a logo, they must also prominently display their registration number provided to them by Bank Indonesia on their signboard. If there is no logo and registration number then they are NOT Authorised Money Changers.
DO NOT use a Money Changer at the back of a shop, down an alley or laneway. Always count your Rupiah before handing over your dollars.
DO NOT accept small denominations as it is often a sure sign they will attempt to short change you. (50,000 and 100,000 are best).
DO NOT rely on their calculator as they are sometimes rigged.
DO NOT rely on the person counting out the Rupiah in front of you as their hand is sometimes quicker than the eye.
DO NOT hand over your dollars until you are satisfied they are giving you the correct amount.
DO NOT be distracted or intoxicated either when you change money.



Remember to use the hotel safes or safety deposit boxes for your money and passport. I divide up my $100 or $50 Australian notes into envelopes containing $200 each. I label the envelopes 1, 2, 3 etc. This way I know how much I have left and whether anything has been tampered with. Hotel safes should be without reproach, but there have been stories otherwise.


Visa, Mastercard, American Express are all readily accepted in hotels and shops (not market stalls!) A surcharge of a few percent may be charged for the convenience.

ATM’s are available. You can nominate the language you want the machine to use, and it will usually say on the ATM what note and amount it dispenses. ATM’s are handy to use if you would rather not carry large sums of cash and are a convenient way to obtain local currency at a reasonable exchange rate
Always be sure you don’t reveal your PIN and be careful that you do not leave your card in the machine.
Keep in mind that your withdrawal may be subject to a nominal fee for an international transfer, so check with your bank before leaving home. The other point to note is that your bank may freeze your card if out-of-the-ordinary transactions (such as withdrawals in 4 different countries over the course of a week) appear, so keep a copy of your bank’s contact information on hand.



You cannot afford to travel without Travel Insurance!

Ensure you are covered for “medical evacuation” as costs can be preventative.

Be upfront with all pre-existing conditions.
Consider paying a little extra to exclude an excess as each claim, even during the same trip, you will be charged an excess.

Send a copy of your Travel Insurance documents to your email address so you have easy access.

Carry a copy of your insurers emergency contact number and your policy number in case you need to contact them while out.


Take precautions such as:
Do not drink tap water
Wash your hands regularly
Use antiseptic hand sanitiser/wipes
Eat from reputable restaurants only
Avoid food and beverages from street vendors
Do not use ice made from tap water
Consume fully cooked food that is still hot, or fruit/vegetables you have peeled yourself

If you succumb to Bali Belly, the sooner you seek medical treatment the less valuable holiday time it is likely you’ll lose.


Ensure your taxi driver has his METER on.
Don’t use non-authorised Money Changers.
Don’t enter competitions. They are often “time share” schemes eg. someone approaching you with a clipboard – or jumping off a bike, offering you a scratchie and tell you you’ve won a prize!
At small supermarkets check the price of your goods and question it if in doubt as tourists are sometimes charged excessively.


The Indonesian rupiah (IDR) is the official currency of Bali. Australian dollars are readily exchanged in most of the tourist areas. Foreign currencies like the US dollar, UK pound, Euro and Singapore dollar are also readily exchanged. Major credit cards are widely accepted too.

Bali, Indonesian_Rupiah_-_100_50


Be aware that unfortunately this does occur! Avoid walking with your bag over the same shoulder as the road is on. Motorbikes have been known to ride past grabbing the bag and often injuring the pedestrian.  Whilst riding a motorbike, place your bag under the seat as again, bikes have been known to ride past and grab your bag off your shoulder.
If children surround you selling postcards/beads/bracelets be warned you could pick pocketed. This also goes for someone bumping into you or grabbing men’s private parts as a distraction.


SAY NO! Airport signs state, “DEATH TO DRUG TRAFFICKERS”. This also applies to drug users. Be wary of anyone selling any narcotic substance. Corruption is rife and sales are often setups to being caught!


Be conscious of the predominantly Hindu religion of Bali. Cover up when entering sacred temples and follow any instructions of conduct. Honour the many religious days and festivals held.

It is impolite to receive or hand anything over using your left hand or to touch the top of anyone’s head.



It is inexpensive to have your clothes washed and ironed. Hotels can be a little pricier, but local laundries are common in the tourist locations and charge by the kilo.

Laundry 3


Register your travel with smartraveller.com
Keep up to date with any travel warnings via government webpages.
1. The Police 110
2. Ambulance- 118
3. Bali International Medical Centre Hospital, Ngurah Rai Bypass open 24 hrs +62 361 761263
4. Kuta Tourist Police Post, Jalan Pantai Kuta, (0361) 7845988
5. Sanur Tourist Police Post : BK3S Post, Jalan Danau Tamblingan, (next to Bali Hyatt Hotel, Sanur), (0361) 8531960
6. Nusa Dua Tourist Police Post : Bundaran Tugu Mandala Kawasan BTDC Nusa Dua, (0361) 7442622
7. Ngurah Rai Airport Tourist Police : Airport Police Sector Ngurah Rai, (0361) 751 023
8. Tourist Assistance Centre : Bali Regional Police, (0361) 224111
9. The Australian Consulate , Jalan Tantular 32
Renon, Denpasar , Telephone: +62 361 241 118


Tipping is not compulsory, particularly when a service charge is often added to services. If you feel the service has been extra good however, it is appreciated.
Rounding up taxi fares and restaurant bills is polite.


Bluebird taxis are preferable as they have a good reputation and use their meter for your journey.  There are many taxi’s in Bali these days and a lot of those are now trying to make themselves look like a Bluebird – even going to the trouble of trying a new tactic where they have a sticker on the front of their cars saying “Blue Taxi Group” to confuse people. They also have a back to front bird like the Bluebird Group so be careful.

When using a non-Bluebird taxi, ensure the meter is used otherwise it will be necessary to try to negotiate a fare prior to travel.

You can call a Bluebird taxi ahead of time on  +62 (0) 361 701 111


Shopping in market stalls or from beach sellers can be a challenge at the best of times. Consider these handy tips:
 Negotiation is expected. First offered prices are often double or triple the real price
 Don’t reveal this is your first trip to the island (even if it is)
 Have a clear price you are willing to pay before you start negotiating
 Knowing a little Bahasa indonesian will often reward you with a better price
 Be aware shopkeepers do this for a living and are persistent and “athletic” negotiators
 Go early for best “Morning Price”
 If you think it’s a reasonable price, then do the deal
 Remember that 10,000Rp is equal to approximately $1.00Aus
 Watch the zero’s on your notes as it can be confusing.
 Be prepared to walk away
 If you buy multiple items, you should be able to negotiate a lesser price
 Maintain your sense of humour and be polite



Do reconsider having one of these! A toxic chemical known as phenylenediamine- PPD is often used in henna tattoos. Serious scarring and adverse skin reactions with hospitalisation has often resulted in henna tattoos.


May to September is the dry season.
October to April is the rainy season.
The dry season offers the best weather with cool, pleasant evenings and sunny days. Unfortunately, this also coincides with “high season” so offers the highest prices for accommodation.
The wet season is more humid with heavy rainfall however it mostly never rains all day. Rainfall is most likely to occur in the afternoon and can be quite heavy, warm, tropical and pleasant.

PHONE PICS 24-11-13 (369)


English is so widely spoken in the tourist parts of Bali that in my opinion, the only words you really need to get you through your whole next holiday to Bali are:
 Terima kasih – Thank-you (pronounced Treema kasi)
 Tidak – No
 (So, Tidak terima kasih is used often)
 Sama sama is a response to Thank-you. It means you are welcome.
 Permisi – Excuse me
 Jalan Jalan – Walking (This is handy to use if being hounded by Transport people on the streets)
A few other basic conversational skills are:
 Apa kabar? – How are you?
 Baik – Fine/good
 Baik, terima kasih – Fine, thank you.
 Maaf – Sorry
 Tidak/Ya – No/Yes
 Nama saya – My name is…
 Selamat Pagi – Good Morning
 Selamat Siang – Good Midday
 Selamat Sore – Good Afternoon
 Selamat Malam – Good Night
 Sampai Jumpa Lagi – See you later

Bali June 2014 with Cindie 542


Relax, show respect and enjoy your journey through Bali. x

all images ©Exclusively Bali

  • I hope you have found these handy hints useful.  Please feel free to comment and share. xx

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Schoolies in Bali…

Exclusively Bali

In the lead up to ‘schoolies’ or ‘leavers’ events it may be a good idea to talk to your  child and discuss some of the tips below for staying safe and having a good time in Bali during their celebrations.

DO NOT get a henna tattoo  (many are allergic with life changing results)

Do NOT accept drugs.  Drugs are illegal (you may end up with a death penalty)

Do NOT ride a motor bike without a helmet, motorbike licence, without travel insurance or while intoxicated

Do NOT get a tattoo – unless you want it FOREVER

Do NOT risk unprotected sex.  Use condoms!  (Sexually transmitted diseases – including chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis are more common than you realise. HIV is FOREVER!)

DO NOT go to money changers down lane-ways, in the back of shops or offering better exchange rates than most other places (it is likely they will try…

View original post 495 more words

A visa-free stalemate for Australia and Indonesia !!


image: ©exclusivelybali.net

AUSTRALIANS travelling to Bali will still have to fork out $50 in visa fees, despite Jakarta’s willingness to scrap the charge.

THAT’S because Canberra is refusing to make reciprocal arrangements for Indonesian citizens.

The Indonesian government has announced visa fees will be scrapped for tourists from Australia and 46 other countries from October.

But Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has ruled out changing Australia’s no-exemptions policy for tourists from any country.

Ms Bishop discussed the issue with her Indonesian counterpart Retno Marsudi at a “warm and constructive” breakfast meeting in Sydney on Thursday.

“She explained that Indonesia would love to provide Australia with visa exemptions, but unless they got reciprocity, they wouldn’t be able to do so,” Ms Bishop said.

“Our policy is across the board – there are no exemptions.”

exclusively bali - voa

image: ©exclusivelybali.net

The pair also discussed trade, investment and counter-terrorism efforts.

Ms Bishop insisted Australian and Indonesian bilateral relations were now in good shape.

The lines of communication between Prime Minister Tony Abbott and President Joko Widodo were now “fine” following a strain earlier this year ahead of the executions of Australians Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan.

Ms Bishop said she and Ms Marsudi were in constant contact via text messages, “much to the chagrin of diplomats”.

Ms Bishop will visit Indonesia in October.

Meanwhile, opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman Tanya Plibersek will be in Jakarta on Thursday and Friday for meetings with Indonesian ministers and other dignitaries.

Source: The Australian

Exclusively Bali Ultimate Homewares Tour March 2016

***Join us on the:  


A ladies getaway focused on fun, food, shopping, pampering and cocktails!

During your stay enjoy a fully hosted tour inclusive of:
– private airport transfers 
– 6 nights luxury beachfront accommodation at the stunning The Royal Beach Seminyak Bali!
– daily breakfast
– fully escorted shopping to handpicked retail and wholesale outlets 
– guided Tegalalang and Ubud shopping
– 5 star dining 
– delicious high tea
– indulgent spa treatment

And still plenty of opportunities to grab some ‘me time’ or relax with some like-minded ladies.

Come along with your bestie, your mum or your daughter or be very welcomed as a solo guest.

Dates are from 19-25 March 2016

Note: This tour will be kept small and exclusive. Numbers are strictly limited!

Email your expression of interest to exclusivelybali@gmail.com


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Good news is on the horizon for Australian travelers to Bali with a recent announcement that the current US$35 visa on arrival (VOA) is to be abolished from October 2015!

Australia is among 47 countries who Indonesia will add to its “visa-free list” as it strives to draw more tourists.

Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister Rizal Ramli said on 1 September 2015 that the government would extend its visa-free policy by October 2015.  This will increase the number of countries that enjoy the facility to 92.

Minister Rizal Ramli said, ““We hope this [policy] can attract more tourists and create new jobs”.

He said the government’s previous policy to waive visas for 45 countries had proved positive with tourist arrivals increasing by as much as 15 percent.

“We hope these extensions will double the country’s foreign exchange income to US$20 million in the next five years,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Immigaration, Ronny F. Sompie advised that the anticipation of increased tourist arrivals would prompt more counters at various ports and airports in Indonesia.


For more information, see:: http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/09/01/47-countries-including-oz-enjoy-visa-free-entry-october.html#sthash.Rih7hgAe.dpuf

images copyright ©exclusivelybali.net

Exclusively bali - Ultimate Homewares Tour, final copy

***Join us on the:  


A ladies getaway focused on fun, food, shopping, pampering and cocktails!

During your stay enjoy a fully hosted tour inclusive of:
– private airport transfers 
– 6 nights luxury beachfront accommodation at the stunning The Royal Beach Seminyak Bali!
– daily breakfast
– fully escorted shopping to handpicked retail and wholesale outlets 
– guided Tegalalang and Ubud shopping
– 5 star dining 
– delicious high tea
– indulgent spa treatment

And still plenty of opportunities to grab some ‘me time’ or relax with some like-minded ladies.

Come along with your bestie, your mum or your daughter or be very welcomed as a solo guest.

Dates are from 1st – 7th December, 2015 – just in time for Christmas!

Note: This tour will be kept small and exclusive. Numbers are strictly limited!

For more information, register via email to exclusivelybali@gmail.com

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attends the John Varvatos 11th Annual Stuart House Benefit at John Varvatos Boutique on April 13, 2014 in West Hollywood, California.

image: getty

Discovery Mall in Kuta has 3 easy to find Optical Dispensers close to the main entrance.  After arriving at the main entry off Jalan Kartika, the shops are side by side on the left hand side of the entry.

Prescription glasses/sunglasses, contact lenses and eye tests are available at these reputable outlets.

You can take your original prescription from home, or have your eyes tested whilst there.  Glasses generally only take a few days to be made up.

A significant range of designer frames and sunglasses are available and the prices are less than you would pay in Australia.


image copyright ©exclusivelybali.net


Ground Floor Unit MG 8 – Bali

Phone:  (0360) 769 766

Toll Free:  0800-1-Melawai (6352924)

Email: customer_service@melawai.com



image copyright ©exclusivelybali.net


Kartika Plaza Street

Discovery Mall, 1st Floor 12B-C

Kuta Bali

Phone: (62-361) 769828

Email: ot-kub@optiktunggal.com



image copyright ©exclusivelybali.net


Ground Floor No MG-18

Jl. Kartika Plaza, Kuta

Phone:  (0361) 769836

Email: seis@optikseis.com



image copyright ©exclusivelybali.net

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Double the fun on Double Six!

Who’s after a little shopping inspiration?

embroidered bag

I always head to Double Six Road for sarongs, sandals and jewellery.  The shop owners here are always so much more relaxed – and fab finds are the norm.

Double Six Road is actually called Jalan Arjuna but others also know it as Sarong or Silver Street.  It starts at Jalan Legian (opposite Jalan Nakula) and stops at Legian Beach (near to Zanzibar Restaurant).

Bali June 2014 with Cindie 779

Head off on foot along this winding road for upmarket silver, leather handbags, embroidered bags, stylish sarongs, shoes, bling jewellery, beads, scarves and more.

Bali June 2014 with Cindie 773

Happy Christmas shopping!!

Bali June 2014 with Cindie 772

Hint:  Wita Ayu Shop is a fave for unique sarong prints!

(I purchased the pink and lime green floral in the photo below, top row – 2nd from RHS – it matches so well with an embroidered bag of similar colours!)


Bali June 2014 with Cindie 776 Bali June 2014 with Cindie 774

images ©exclusivelybali.net

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In Response to Complaints, Bali Airport Adds Counters and Immigration Staff


Regional Office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Bali add immigration staffs and immigration counters at Ngurah Rai Airport after a number of complaints from foreign tourists about long lines when they arrive at the international arrivals.

“The staffs will be added again. They start to work in December 2014,” said the Head Office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Bali Province, Kompiang Adnyana found in the Special Immigration Office Class I Ngurah Rai Kuta, Badung regency, on Thursday.

According to him, the staffs were brought in from Jakarta, so from 16 staffs its turning out to be 28 staffs

He realized that in December is the season of year-end holiday marred by the hectic international tourist arrivals to Bali.

Besides the addition of immigration personnel, they also add the counter of “visa on arrival” in the international arrivals terminal.

“We added three counters and one is still in the process for a total of 14 counters,” he said.

Previously, Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika suggested all counters of immigration office that are available in the International Arrivals Terminal Ngurah Rai Airport to be opened especially during peak hours to avoid long lines.

In a meeting with Chairman of Regional Office of Law and Human Rights Bali, in Denpasar on Wednesday, the governor said there has been a complaint from tourists because of many counters which are not operated while tourists crammed into only a few counters and as if it is done in purpose.

To dispel the impression, Bali governor suggested adding employees so at rush hour all the counters can be operated and long lines can be reduced.

Pastika regretted about the condition because most of foreign tourists have taken long journey, but they do not get maximum service when they arrive in Bali.

Kompiang further explained that the long lines occur at the international arrivals peak hours starting 12:00 to 18:00 pm there are about 17-20 flights with passenger amounting 3,000 to 6,000 passengers.until the evening.

“It concerns the flight slots which is difficult to be anticipated technically,” he added.

sourced: The Bali Times, December 09, 2014

images ©exclusivelybali.net

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The Tradition of Purnama, or Full Moon Ceremony…


Purnama (or full moon) is a special day in Bali for ceremonies and festivities. Hundreds of temples all over the island celebrate this special day hosting impressive ceremonies in traditional clothing. Balinese believe that Purnama is an auspicious day when Gods descend to the earth and give their blessing.


On this revered day, hundreds of ceremonies are held in all parts of the island to please and honour the gods with offerings.  These offerings include food, fruit and flowers.

The Balinese themselves are then blessed by performing assorted rituals using petals, rice grains, holy water and incense smoke.


images ©exclusivelybali.net

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