Public Holidays


This is the end of the month of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting and is one of the most significant Muslim festivals in the Islamic Calendar. Mass prayers are held in mosques and also in large open areas around the country.

The people of Indonesia celebrate Indul Fitri with great enthusiasm and peace. Muslim people wear new clothes and distribute sweets. During this time, markets through Indonesia are decorated and people enjoy shopping.

Banks, private offices and government centres are closed for almost one week in Indonesia. (Major Money Changers will remain open – but rates will not be as competitive).

Indonesian Muslims are expected to celebrate the end of Ramadan by travelling to be with their families. This custom is locally referred to as mudik, or homebound travel.

How this is expected to impact Bali:

  • Traffic during the Idul Fitri exodus will increase considerably
  • The heavy traffic is likely to lead to a higher number of accidents
  • Shops may be busy
  • Offices and Banks will be closed

bali muslims queue to board a ship image reuters

image:  reuters 2012. (Hundreds of vehicles queue to board a ship. Muslims across Indonesia travel from major cities to their hometowns to celebrate Indul Fitri festival).

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Waisak Day – The Buddha’s Birthday…

Buddha in the pond of Semadhi in Pemuteran

Waisak Day is a holiday observed by Buddhists in Bali, it is also a national holiday in Indonesia. The exact date of Waisak varies according to the various types of calendars. In the Gregorian calendar, it usually falls in April or May. This year, Waisak will be on 15th May 2014, the theme is to carry the spirit of self-contemplation and living in harmony.

Waisak honours three important events: the birth, life and teaching of Siddhartha Gautama.  Early Buddhist scriptures describe that the Buddha was born enlightened and died on the full moon day of the fourth lunar month, Vesakha.

On Waisak day, Buddhists assemble in various Buddhist temples for a ritual. The ritual comprises of collecting water from a holy spring, lighting a torch from the eternal flame, food donation for Buddhist monks and meditation under the full moon.

pics: sourced.

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