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For Home Interior Enthusiasts…

CARGA is a personal fave retail emporium choc full of homewares, crockery, cushions, candles, incense, soap, personal adornments, recycled boat wood products, vintage posters on wood panels, gift paper, furnishings…. The list is long.
You’ll see various traditional Indonesian made products here involving batik, double ikat and teak wood, and you’ll be inspired.
Allow plenty of time to peruse. I never, EVER leave empty handed!
Jl. Petitenget No. 886, Kerobokan, Badung, Bali, Indonesia 80361
+62 361 8478173
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TIP: After all your retail therapy, enjoy tea at the delightful Biku tea house – which is is right next door.
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photo credit: carga
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Material Heaven!


This is it. Jalan Sulawesi.

Look no further than Jalan Sulawesi and Jalan Gajah Mada in Denpasar for fabrics aplenty!  These two streets are dedicated to fabrics only.

Whether you’re after suiting, dress, curtain or soccer motif fabric these streets of remarkable fabric are a dressmaker’s heaven.  There are big savings to be made here!  For example: buy sufficient lengths  of  linen to suit your large, festive Christmas dining table, then have it hemmed at a local tailor for a quality tablecloth.

There is stuff for EPL fans.

Batik, silks, quilting material, ornate lace….the selections are endless and the prices are low, eg. fabrics that may be $20per metre in Australia, are just $2.50Aus on Jl. Sulawesi and Jl. Gajah Mada.

Go prepared as you will often be followed by persistent women wanting to make a sale.  Take your best negotiating skills with you and have water and hand sanitiser available.

I suggest you go early – before the true heat of the day since the markets are hot and you’ll have to barter.  Determination will pay off though if you’re on the lookout for distinctive fabrics at ridiculous prices.

These market shops open from around 9am until 4.30pm.

There are bargains.

HINT:  Taxi’s are few and far between in this location so either ask your taxi/driver to wait or ask a shop that you’ve purchased from to phone a taxi for you.  They’re often happy to do this when you’re ready to go home.

Happy shopping!


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How to have your clothing smelling like Bali….

If you’d like your clothing to smell as they do when you’ve had them laundered and ironed in Bali, then why not  purchase sachets of the fragrances the Balinese laundries use to bring home?
These fragrant fabric softeners are readily available from the shops of Bali including  Bintang supermarket, Mataharis and Carrefour.
Although there are several brands available, including Molto and Rapika, “KISPRAY Ironing Aid” is a firm favourite.
Kispray can be used as an ironing aid to produce smoother, fresher and softer clothing.  It also has a long lasting fragrance and contains an antiseptic (alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride) which they say kills germs. Kispray can be economical too since it’s available in sachet packs (great for bringing home in your luggage!)  You only need to add water.  It’s also practical since there are refill pouches available to refill the original spray bottle.
Kispray scents vary and can be purchased as:
1. AMORIS – floral, rose (powdery scents)
2. SEGERIS – green floral, jasmine (perfumery scents)
3. BLUIS – floral, fresh (clean scents)
4. VIOLET – various floral, rose (a little sweeter, fresh scents)
A gorgeous reminder of beautiful Bali!
Exclusively bali - Kispray
image © Exclusively bali

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Fabric Heaven at Alta Moda….



Considering having clothes made in Bali? There is an amazing selection of fabrics and textiles that can be purchased from Alta Moda.

Alta Moda is 3 stories and air-conditioned. They have helpful staff with an in-house tailoring service – or take to your own dressmaker.

If you’re looking for fabric to recover a lounge, make a ball gown or suit or any clothing for that matter, this store could be just what you’re looking for.

HINT:   Quite a saving can be made by purchasing meters of quality linen or similar fabric here and using it as a  tablecloth for your formal or outdoor table.  It can then be hemmed at one of the local dressmakers.

ALTA MODA Address:  Jl Patih Jelantik, Kuta Galeria

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