Bali International Kite Festival

bali kite festival image cokorda bagus krisna

The Balinese International Kite Festival is held in the beachside town of Sanur

Amazing scenes of giant kites (up to 10 metres in size) are seen being flown in the area of Padang Galak beach.  A tiny “army” are sometimes needed to get the kites off the ground!

Bali kite image pinterest 2

Bali International Kite Festival was originally a religious festival sending a plea to the Hindu deities for an abundant crop and harvest held annually during each July. A competition of traditional kites constructed from bamboo and cotton cloth by teams of kite-fliers from all around Bali also takes place.

The sight of these colourful kites gently bobbing in the blue Balinese sky draws many local and international spectators each year.  It truly is a joy to see!

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