Have you tasted the latest “drop” on the island?

Artisan wines

For many years, Hattens was the most easily accessible drop you could get on Bali.  Wine connoisseurs can rejoice though with the recent introduction of  the “Artisan Estate Wine” difference.

As a proud West Australian, I am thrilled to announce that Artisan Estate Wines Bali are crafted from 100% fresh wine grape juice from Western Australia.

Artisan Estate wines point of difference is quality at a great price. In the highly taxed Indonesian wine market, they offer a quality Australian wine at a locally produced price point. They are able to do this by importing 100% fresh wine grape juice from Western Australia into Bali under strict temperature control, where it is then crafted into wine with meticulous attention to detail. Unlike all the other local wine producers, they do not use frozen grapes or juice, which denatures the product and makes wines watery, grape juice concentrates which are far from fresh and highly sulphured or locally grown grapes, which are also very water filled. They pride themselves on the quality wines they produce, their high level of service and their ability to maintain continuous supply and consistency of product. For this reason they have become the local wine of choice for many of the top 4/5 star hotels and restaurants in Bali such as St Regis, The Laguna, Ayana, Bvlgari, Intercontinental, Metis and Mozaic.

Advice, as per their Facebook page: :  https://www.facebook.com/BestWineCraftedInBali

Website:  http://www.artisanestate.com

photo credit: artisanestate

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