Where to purchase MANCHESTER bargains….


You will find manchester galore and service plus at Matahari Department store in Kuta Square.

Photo Above of Matahari Department store in Kuta Square

Towels, tablecloths, bathmats, sheet sets, pillows…… You just have to look to find what you’re after.  With so many 40 and 50% OFF SALES happening, it is not difficult to secure a “bargain”.

This store, along with Centro Department store in Discovery Mall, are  my “go to” for quality bedding.  High thread count bed sheets and pillow cases can be purchased here at much reduced prices to what you would pay back home.   I also purchase luxurious pillows for sleeping here.  Again the quality is superb and the prices ridiculous eg. the quality of bed pillows that would sell for around $200-plus each in Australia, I purchase at approximately Rp400,000 each in Matahari or Centro.


Photo above of Manchester Department in Centro, Discovery Mall

The sales people at these department stores are plentiful too.  (Myer and David Jones in Australia could take a leaf out of their book!)

*A word of warning with sheet sizes:  Do take your regular sizes from home and compare them with those written on the packets in Matahari since Indonesian sizes differ.   (I find that I can purchase King sheets that have more depth to the mattress, hence the fitted sheet has an easier fit to an Australian size mattress and the loose sheets too are more generous).


HINT:  Watch the waves roll in over Kuta beach while you chill with a cool, cold drink at the restaurant on the same floor as Manchester in Centro at Discovery Mall, between shopping for bargains.

Happy Shopping!!

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