Consider the environment…

Bali has long been referred to as the Island of the Gods and is renowned for its coastal beauty. In recent years, it is an unfortunate fact that many of the white sandy beaches that have long lured tourists from around the globe have become increasingly dirty and polluted.  It is not unusual to see masses of plastic bags and other pollution washed up on what were once pristine beaches.

image: sourced

News reports have cited a statistic that the typical plastic shopping bag takes 500 years to break down in landfills.  No wonder so many western countries are now reducing plastic bag usage!

It is said the average Balinese warung uses up to 150 plastic bags each day.  This costs the owners up to $50 per month.  Imagine the savings to the warung owner as well as the environment if we brought our own environmentally friendly shopping bags?!!

Why not consider bringing your own environmentally friendly shopping bags to Bali.  They weigh next to nothing and you’ll be confident knowing you’re making a difference to help maintain Bali’s natural beauty.

Please say NO to plastic bags and BYO recyclable ones!

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