Why is this man named Ketut?


Did you know there are only 4 first names on Bali.

1: Wayan (pronounced “Why-Ann”)
2: Made (pronounced “mah-DAY”)
3: Nyoman
4: Ketut

Every Balinese child is simply named by his or her order of birth. If a family has more than 4 children, they start from the top of the list again, regardless of sex.  If nothing else, it makes naming ones children easy.  Lol.


There are variations on this theme however.  The first born child could alternately be name Putu (though that name is traditionally reserved only for upper cast families).

The second child could be named Kadek instead of Made.

The third child could be Komang, or even NgNga (a very rural name) instead of Nyoman.

The fourth child however (and multiples of 4th) is destined to be Ketut, and only Ketut.

Just to make things interesting, a first born could also be called Gede.  A first born girl could be Iluh (pronounced El loo).


What would your name have been if you had been born in Bali?
My name would be Made!


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