TAXI…. !! Is it a Bluebird?


Taxis are plentiful in the coastal tourist strip of Bali and fares are cheap.
Bluebird taxis are preferable as they have a good reputation and use their meter for your journey. Otherwise, you could end up spending way too much on a taxi fare.

There are many taxi’s in Bali these days and a lot of those are now trying to make themselves look like a Bluebird – even going to the trouble of trying a new tactic where they have a sticker on the front of their cars saying “Blue Taxi Group” to confuse people. They also have a back to front bird like the Bluebird Group so be careful.

If you catch a taxi who is intimidating a Bluebird taxi, you may find yourself in a taxi with either no meter or a meter which is ticking over extremely fast.

A Bluebird will have a number and a sticker on the front of the car saying “Bluebird Group”. They are light blue in colour and the cars are all in good condition.
Since there are some pretty convincing intimidators of Bluebird taxis, have a look here on tips to ensure your taxi really IS a Bluebird:

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