Mosquitoes are a Health Hazard!


Mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance, they can cause mosquito-borne diseases.

If you’re a “mozzie magnet” like I am, aside from spraying your room, using mozzie plug-ins & coils or mosquito netting, a personal repellent is a MUST!


My choices are:
1. AUTAN or SOFFEL repellent (avail from minimarts & supermarkets). A mini bottle is the perfect size to take everywhere. I use this easy to apply lotion after every shower – even before bed.

2. OFF personal body spray repellent

3. Intelligent Health Systems ultrasonic mozzie repellent attached to your clothing or left on your bedside pillow while you sleep. (I swore by this – until I jumped in the pool with one attached to my cozzie!!……lol).

Check out Intelligent Health Systems too…
They’ve developed a range of mosquito control products which suit the specific needs of families with young children. There’s no spraying involved in any of the products, and they’re made from non-toxic, natural formulations.

Other tips are to cover up as much as possible, spray your clothing with insect repellant as well as yourself (mosquitoes can bite through clothing!) and don’t become compacent – apply repellant regularly.

Good-luck!  I hope you’re successful in keeping the little “suckers” at bay. xx

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